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A Bit About Me

Hi, I’m Farnaz.


I’m a UX/UI designer living in Phoenix, Arizona. My cultural background is varied: I was born in London, grew up in Tehran, and immigrated to the United States as an adult. My design style is sophisticated and simple, infused with multicultural influence and thoughtful details.  


Growing up in different cultures makes me more adaptable to new environments and different situations. When greeted with new challenges I utilize broad exploration and thoughtful decision-making. My experiences with cultural differences in self-interpretation and interpersonal relationships have conditioned me to have empathetic responses to others’ behaviors.


Creativity has been a driving force in my career: visual design studies, illustration, painting, and photography. My goal is to bridge the gap between why and how in creative ways and communicate ideas with a purposeful design. I am obsessed with creating things and even more obsessed with making things better. As an illustrator for childrens’ books, I put myself in their shoes to see the world through their eyes. As a photographer, I had my own studio with a specialty in childrens’ photography. By working with children, I have gained a deeper understanding of what motivates them. This has given me confidence to approach understanding any demographic of users with curiosity and empathy. Through my studies in graphic design, I am able to bring an understanding of typography, color, and layout to my user interface design..


I’m a detail-oriented person. I dive deeply into the details of a project, to view it from many different perspectives. I always strive to provide the highest quality product and customer experience throughout my creative processes, and bring those values into my UX/UI world.


It is satisfying to give others a great user experience with beautiful designs. As an artist, I like to see the direct impact of my creation on people’s life, and that impact has become even greater as I continue to grow as a UX/UI designer.

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